About us

Hi, I'm Jon and I'm the founder of Fusion Fire Bowls. We're a tiny family business making unique fire pits in the UK. 

I'm an engineer by trade but with a huge passion for the great outdoors, metal work and fabrication. My business started out as making a few fire pits for friends and family, the more research I did the more I realised I had a lot of ideas that weren't available anywhere else. When I saw the opportunity to turn a hobby into a business Fusion Fire Bowls was born! 

It's currently just me making the bowls but even though I'm small I still have some key goals: 

  • Engineered to the highest possible standard: All my bowls are designed on the computer first with 3d CAD modelling software. There is no guess work here! Once I have a finalised design I aim to laser cut or CNC cut as much of the components as possible. By designing on the computer I can make some amazing designs that would be almost impossible to make otherwise. 
  • Take great pride in my welding: to me welding must be done right or not at all. My bowls use a mixture of MIG and TIG welding which ever is best suited to the job in hand. MIG is quick but I take great care to make it look as beautiful as possible. TIG takes much longer but truly is a work of art. 
  • Produce the highest quality products: I'm well aware there are £20 fire pits on the market and there are ones in excess of £1000. Everything I build is made to the highest standard with thick steel (each Bowl is a minimum of 5mm thick) and is built to last. Fusion Fire Bowls stands for quality. 
  • Help the environment: This one is really important to me! I had a moral dilemma when I thought about starting this business. I think we all know our planet is incredibly fragile I have a little 2 year old boy and I want to do my bit to minimise climate change for all future generations. Burning wood is inherently carbon neutral, when you burn the timber it released the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that it absorbed when it was growing. BUT this isn't enough! I therefore took the decision to plant a tree with every fire pit sold. There are loads of companies around the world offering to plant trees for a fee, so that's exactly what I do. Part of the fee you pay for your fire bowl goes directly to the people planting trees, you can choose to plant your tree in the UK or anywhere in the world. The UK is more expensive but the choice is yours. This way you know that when you are sat around your nice warm fire you know that in time, the tree you planted will absorb more carbon dioxide than your fire produces! 

    I also try to reduce carbon emissions during manufacture as much as I possibly can. Everything is manufactured in the UK and all the electricity I use either designing the bowls or welding them comes from renewable sources.
    Every little helps! 

- Jon